Things you should never flush down your toilet

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For representational use [Image: Freepik]
For representational use [Image: Freepik]

New Delhi : It won’t be wrong to say that in many homes, toilets become the disposal method for practically any household item when the trash is full, which often leads to serious plumbing problems along the way. If you want to avoid clog leading to a costly mistake, find out which items plumbers say you should never flush down the toilet.


Hair or trimmed beard don't dissolve in water and it's more than just a mild clog you'll have to struggle with if you make this a regular habit. Hair can tangle around the inner toilet parts and form a massive ball of toilet obstructions.

Talcum powder

Products like talc can form a tangled of tumbleweed within your plumbing system or leave residue on your pipes that can result in future clogs.

Shampoo and conditioner

It's a bad idea to spill your body washes, shampoos, or conditioners into the toilet, she says. That's because these products tend to contain essential oils and cocoa butter, which are particularly likely to clog your pipes.


They may not clog your pipes, but flushing either prescription or OTC medications down your toilet can cause serious issues well beyond your pipes. The ingredients in pharmaceuticals can pose dangers to your water supply.

Flushable wipes

Just because that box of wipes says they're flushable doesn't mean you should actually dispose of them in the toilet. Though flushable wipes may degrade faster than 'non-flushable' wipes, they still don't degrade fast enough. When you do flush them, they just sit in your toilet pipes, slowing everything down.

Cat litter

Yea, you read that right. If you're flushing the contents of your cat's litter box, don't be surprised when you find yourself with a major plumbing repair on your hands. Plumbing systems are specifically designed to deal with human waste only, cat litter is much more solid, which can lead to clogging. Cat waste can contain parasites that aren't readily filtered by the average wastewater treatment system.

Dental floss

Dental floss can get permanently stuck in your plumbing. It's not biodegradable—and most commonly made of Teflon or Rayon—so it wraps around other non-biodegradable products to clog a system.