Think twice before you clean these things with disinfecting wipes

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File photo [Image credit: London Free Press]
File photo [Image credit: London Free Press]

New Delhi : Nowadays we use disinfecting wipes on almost everything, but it is not recommended to use disinfecting wipes on certain things. As on certain surfaces, disinfecting wipes can do a lot more harm than good. Here are 5 such things that should be avoided to come in contact with disinfecting wipes.


The wipes can eat away the delicate lens coatings, experts say. Instead, clean glasses with a drop of dish soap and warm water or use a commercial lens cleaner with a soft cloth.

Your Toilet

One should never, never flush the wipes when you're done using them, experts warn. Unlike toilet paper, wipes don't adequately dissolve when they're flushed, which can clog your pipes and mean big plumbing bills in the long run.


You should never clean fruit, veggies, or any other food with disinfecting wipes, as the ingredients are not meant to be ingested and may lead to vomiting. All you need to do is rinse, rub, or scrub produce under running water to make it safe to.

Dishes and Food Storage Containers

Do not to wipe food storage containers with a disinfecting wipe. The chemicals in the wipes aren't meant to be ingested, of course, and can linger on hard surfaces. If you really want to disinfect your dishes, use the hottest water to wash them or antibacterial dish soap, or use a solution of bleach. 


The alcohol and ammonium compounds in the wipes can eat away the screens' protective coatings and eventually cause fogging or blotching. Instead, clean these screens with soap and water, taking care not to get them too wet.