This girl creates an amazing dress out of her hairs [Viral Video]

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Image: Screengrab from the viral video on Instagram
Image: Screengrab from the viral video on Instagram

New Delhi : Some people are born with talent and some are born with talent and long hairs, one of such girls is now going viral on social media for her creative thought of making a dress from her extra long hairs.

The video has been shared on an account named hepgul5. In the video, the girl can be seen wearing a hat and sunglasses with her hairs doubling as a dress. She has used a broad, black belt to keep the hair in place, to make it seem like a dress.

Check out the video below:

Her hairs are so long and thick that at it appears like a short dress from the front. The video has garnered love from most of the people on social media.

Many users said this video might be edited. Some others said that her hair might not be real or she might have used hair extensions.

What do you think? We personally think that these are her real hairs.