VHAH FEST – 2021 to be held at Ramgarh Shekhawati, Rajasthan

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VHAH FEST – 2021 to be held at Ramgarh Shekhawati, Rajasthan
VHAH FEST – 2021 to be held at Ramgarh Shekhawati, Rajasthan

New Delhi : COVID 19 has had a catastrophic impact on the fate of artists and crafts persons at the grassroots, who are mainly supported by Tourism and Artistic Patronage.

Considering the looming danger of CORONA , the organisers of this festival have decided to reformat the festival and they will will to stream online to get maximum mileage and impact for Tourism while also supporting the performing Arts and Crafts at the grassroots of Rajasthan through tourism and creating awareness of great heritage and potential wonderlands of Tourism such as Ramgarh Shekhawati.

VHAH FEST, which was launched and has been held annually since December 2016 with a collaboration between the Ministry of Art and Culture and Tourism, GoR and Shruti Foundation. The foundation has supported regional artists and helped their economic health and wellbeing. The main aim has been to go beyond metro cities, to the heart of the specular Rajasthan heritage at the grassroots particularly the most intensely frescoed heritage region of Shekhawati and save it from destruction, while also creating Global awareness and combining Tourism with Heritage, Culture, Wellness, wonder and celebration in a unique experience.

We have constantly enthralled our audiences with our owneAlwarts of Rajasthan - The Manganiyaars, Langas, Kalbeliya Dances, Bhopa Bhopi, Dhamaal and our local crafts and systems, and great exponents of Indian Culture, Sonal Mansingh (Padma Vibhushan), Rajan Sajan Misra (Padma Bhushan), Shubha Mudgal, Dr. Shovana Narayan (Padma Shree), Madhup Mudgal, Pung Cholam, Dr. Geeta Chandran (Padma Shree), the great Baul exponent Parvathy Baul, the world renowned Percussionist Taufiq Qureshi, and well as great Indian Mathematicians, cultural and Indigenous knowledge experts who conduct special healing workshops during the day.We have also had participation from foreign countries and the outreach has slowly grown by the great quality of our cultural performances and healing sessions, our hospitality and the fabulous cuisine we offer to our guests.

This year the organisers will be promoting performances by 30 world renowned as well as local artists and several local craftsperson along with World renowned artists - Padmashree Guru Shovana Narayan and troupe, Padma shree Geeta Chandran, The Manganiyars and the Kalbeliya Dancers from Barmer, the famous Rama Pandey and troupe (with a beautiful Musical Theatre - Ramgarh- Ek Katha), our local artists, the Classical raag raginis with Meeta Pandit in the spectacular Chhatries, including Bhopa Bhopi and others and Great Craft workshops and demos of the local craftsperson.

The organisers said, we would be  conducting a spectacular Heritage Walk, Live and Online Panels with Cultural Doyens from across the globe to attract future Cross cultural collaborations, grassroots tourism and much more! We will have participation from many Countries at VHAH FEST and unimaginable reach ONLINE.

Come and Celebrate with us, while supporting India's economy from the Grassroots.