Virtual Clubhouse Wedding? What A Time To Be Alive

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Virtual Clubhouse Wedding? What A Time To Be Alive
Virtual Clubhouse Wedding? What A Time To Be Alive

New Delhi : If anyone can take down the recital of things that can be done through digital platforms or any social media space, then the recital can be endless. But what if I tell you that even a wedding can take place through these platforms? Guess what, we have one of the most influential individuals who are thorough professionals in their respective domains and have decided to get raised on a Clubhouse app, which is notable for hosting people in the audio app in groups. Their unique love story will astonish you to the core and will inspire you too. They whack valuable insights about how the new generation can follow the same way and sophisticated many millions on the route. Breaking barriers of the conventional society norms, unfollowing the cliches of the world, dipping in the divine love and pursuing your heart are some of the few parallels that the power couple wants others to follow.

These soulmates initially interacted through their professional work and then ended up on Clubhouse to take their relationship ahead. The never-ending Face time calls that went up to the wee hours finally were influential in making their hearts melt. Their bond grew deeper when Michael could finally meet Natasha in London and spent some eminence time. This power couple today has set a benchmark for others to follow and scaled new heights of success in their respective professional work. They go hand in hand blossoming their romantic lives and also delivering stellar results at their workplace.

Michael Graziano comes from Canada and is an entrepreneur and CEO of his PR firm “Mindful Media”. He is also the youngest individual from his country to have visited all the 193 UN Nations worldwide. All these achievements before turning 30 is some feat. His company “Mindful Media” has also been awarded as "Top 7 PR Firms for Entrepreneurs in 2021” by On the other hand, Natasha Grano has been a mindset coach, the #1 Female Motivational Speaker under 40 in the world, and renowned best-selling author. She is a key influential personality on the web and has helped more than 1.5 million people through her coaching program to drastically transform their lives. 

This power couple together co-hosted the largest events on the app, including many interviews with people like Jim Kwik (bestselling author), Marc Randolph (Netflix Co-Founder), Lisa Nichols (Thought Leader), John Assaraf (co-author of The Secret), and others. They have also done numerous photoshoots together for famous magazines. Popularly known as “The Couple of Clubhouse” is also hosting "Manifest Your Lover", a private mastermind group that hosts hundreds, including eminent personalities like Ja Rule and other distinguished names like Grant & Elena Cardone, Jesse Itzler & Sara Blakely, and others.