VOICE OF WOMEN by Anupama Sharma

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VOICE OF WOMEN by Anupama Sharma
VOICE OF WOMEN by Anupama Sharma

New Delhi : Anupama Sharma hails from the mountains of Himachal Pradesh. Born and brought up in nature she shares bond of love and understanding with nature. 

Anupama has come up again with her new poem 'Voice of Women', this time presenting the complexities of being a woman in our society. Where woman are treated as a mere commodity. There is a tinge of her personal life depicted in this poem  too


I  know I will be judged.. 

When I see my colour less drained face in the mirror.. 

It shocked me.. Sending a shiver... 

My dark circled dove eyes.. 

Once glittered with dreams. 

Dreams of being love and to be respected.. 

But them truth is always different and bitter for most women.. 

For women because they are wives now and daughter in law too... 

This ceremony of marriage.. 

And tradition of leaving the homes where they are born and bloomed.. 

With the teachings and expectation s of accepting whatever lies for them in husband's home.. 

These women filling the void of cold walls with their laughter and joy don't know they are just stuff,

Soon they are mothers.. 

Toiling trying to make everyone happy in the house 

They discard, forget their dreams, likes, dislikes, hobbies.. 

Hobbies turn to be rearing the kids, making other happy.. 

If they try to pursue any of their happiness.. 

Outcome is exile.. 

Exile from a house for which she gave her entire life.. Changed herself her body even soul.. 

And she is on road trying to figure out what was her fault..? 

She felt cheated, the home for which she gave her everything is her no more.. 

The vicious circle of society has trapped her.. 

She was deceived used and thrown.. 

But because she is a woman a mother.. 

She has courage.. 

Courage to re live.. 

To collect her shattered pieces.. 

She will make a home, create a paradise of her own.. 

From where she can put her ' TAKHTI ' bearing her name... 

She will toil hard.. 

She knows this vicious circle along with the man to whom she gave her everything, for whom  she left her parents blindly.. 

Will pull her back.. 

Will call her whore.. 

Will try to break her every nerve and bone.. 

But she knows to turn wasteland into greenland.. 

Will make a paradise of her own..