Year ending 2018: Guinness world record holders of this year

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Benny Harlem's tallest high top fade
Benny Harlem's tallest high top fade

New Delhi : While we are going to wrap up all the stories of 2018, here is a very interesting piece of information which is worth sharing. In 2018, a few people have inked their name in the Guinness World Records which is considered as the most respectful records across the world. There are some people who have been awarded for their weirdest records and trust us; you will be shocked to know their odd achievements.

List of Guinness World Records of 2018

The longest legs (female)

Ekaterina Lisina's legs measure 52.2in (132.5cm) on her left leg, and 52in (132cm) on her right leg, so her legs alone are well over four feet tall. And, do you know that she finds really trouble to find trousers that fit her and find it very awkward squeezing into airplane and car seats. She holds a shoe size of 47, which is also very difficult to find.

Most marmite eater

Germany man Andre Ortolf holds the record for most Marmite eaten in one minute. After bagging the titles of the most peanut butter eaten in one minute and Most mustard (bottle) drunk in 30 seconds, the multi-record holder expanded his ever-growing collection to a few more titles.

Most Jenga blocks removed by whip

The most Jenga blocks removed by whip in one minute in 7, and was achieved by Adam Winrich (USA), at the Scarborough Renaissance Festival, in Waxahachie, Texas, USA, on 27 April 2018

Ryan Toys Review

The 7-year-old boy has become 2018’s highest paid YouTube star just for reviewing toys. Ryan’s channel is named as Ryan Toys Review and it reportedly pulled in $22 million (about Rs. 154.84 crore) during the 12-month period ending June 1, 2018.

Tallest high top fade

Benny Harlem hailing from Los Angeles, California has high-top fade which he can take up to two hours to style, not because he is too much into fashion but has a a high-top fade of 52 cm in height.