You need not argue or fight after minor road accident. Here's why?

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You need not argue or fight after minor road accident. Here's why?
You need not argue or fight after minor road accident. Here's why?

New Delhi : Road rage has been in the news quite a lot recently. If you have been driving, it is likely that you too often had that feeling of walking out of your vehicle and slap the other driver for driving like a pest. If you had been fortunate, you never got into a real accident. However, there have been many who got into one, and either ended up hurting others or themselves after the accident.

Road rage is obviously not a welcome move, especially after an accident. But the reasons for street fights range from the personal attitude towards other travelers on the road and lack of knowledge of regulations.

It Can Easily Get Out of Control

When you are losing control of yourself, you can expect others to follow suite pretty easily. Also, there is no reward for winning the argument here, especially with rage. It obvious to lose temper when you meet an accident of not your fault but instead of arguing and fighting one should keep the cool.

Also controlling your anger, you can handle the situation better and make new friends instead of enemies. Remember it is as easy for the other people to lose the cool as it is for you.

No One Benefits from the Argument

Meeting a minor accident and indulging in an argument will not lead you anywhere. Even if you prove your point, you are not going to get any compensation for anything. In other words, you stand to lose as easily with the heated argument over petty things.

There is no point debating and arguing as no would benefit from it rather making things bad to worse.  Instead, settle down the issue with the low tone and feel sorry if it's your mistake by compensating for the loss and behave like a gentleman. It is no harm in showcasing your morality which you have learnt in your schools and from your parents rather than indulging in trivial fights and arguments.

Taking Law into Your Hands

An accident is not an intentional phenomenon, it happens and more often unavoidable. Even though you find anyone driving rashly, you are no one to judge the person. At least, you need not rush to a judgement of branding someone rash driver.

No one is entitled to take law into their hands, and the same rule applies to you as well. If push comes to shove, make sure you have the respective officers involved. The law and order machinery will take care of the offence or any violation. 

Trying to be a hero may solve the crisis in movies, but in real life, this can only lead to more losses. Avoiding taking the law into your hands and it can easily avert issues like assault or abuse and be making things more serious. 

You Have Insurance

Even if you have damaged your vehicle in any minor accident, you do not have to worry about the losses as you are completely covered under the motor insurance you have. So, you have another big reason for you to avoid an argument or fight over the minor accidents.

With vehicle insurance, you can claim for your losses, and even compensate the other party for their loss. That should be enough for you to stay calm and have a better command of the situation.

Moreover, you can buy insurance for your car or bike completely online. You can use the car or bike insurance calculator while buying the vehicle insurance and select the personal accident and third-party insurance covers.

Next Time Offer Insurance

In the rising incidents of fights and arguments over minor and trivial accidents, it is important to keep your cool and avoid these fights for great good. Now, you have so many reasons to avoid an argument or fight meeting a minor accident. Especially when you have third party insurance, avoid getting into fights, and simply exchange insurance numbers.

How to File the Claim?

In case of third party claims, like any other claim, you should inform the insurer as soon as possible. Plus, an incident report or evidence report (FIR) copy can be obtained from the local police. When the other party files the claim with your insurer for the damage, they will submit the report to the third-party claims tribunal for the claim.