Fix your comfortable stay in the city of joy

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Fix your comfortable stay in the city of joy (Image: Unsplash)
Fix your comfortable stay in the city of joy (Image: Unsplash)

Kolkata : Kolkata, India's second-largest metropolis and an unending celebration of human life, is known for its unique blend of modern ideas and rich culture that never rests. Kolkata - popularly dubbed "The City of Joy" - is India's artistic, educational, and social hub in every aspect.

Booking your stay in a Kolkata 5 star hotel as you explore this remarkable metropolis that boasts of not just one but multiple cultures. Dotted with British structures and featuring exquisite architecture such as Victoria Memorial - also known as the Pride of Kolkata. Other Bengal royalty structures include Fort William, Belur Math, Mother House Marble Palace Mansion and St Paul's Cathedral.

Kolkata's vibrant streets are bustling with life. But Kolkata also represents something else: science. And for science enthusiasts, Kolkata offers something truly amazing: Science City in Kolkata offers unparalleled access to science. Come explore what science has in store!

Kolkata is an amazing combination of different cultures, seen through its architecture such as St Paul's Cathedral and Indo Gothic design. However, purity and sanctity also exist within Kolkata in its most pure forms of dedication: Birla Mandir is proof that divine energy flows through Kolkata. At the same time, Kalighat Temple is an oracle representing Shiva-Parvati relationships and symbolizes its soul.

Ghats and Sarovars

Bengal's sarovars and ghats offer you much-needed respite after an exhausting day of sightseeing or business travel. Howrah Bridge, Vidya SagarSetu, Rabindra Sarobar and several ghats of Kolkata dot the river Hooghly to add an unmatched spiritual sanctity that creates the perfect space to find peace after visiting all these historical places. Kolkata's nightlife is dynamic, and Park Street boasts restaurants and pubs where you can spend a lively night partying away. Additionally, Kolkata is well-known for its delicious street food scene - cafes and food booths line the streets to provide authentic Bengali fare such as Jhalmuri or Ghugni Chaat to satisfy any hunger.

Loving to visit Bengal 

Kolkata is known for its food, architecture, culture, and people all reflect this diversity. To help simplify things for visitors to experience Kolkata fully we've compiled a list of what the city is most renowned for - have a look! Bengali food has long intrigued us - we love Bengali Literature, Biryani Street Food Trams Eden Gardens, Bengali Cinema are among them all and draw us further. Music poetry and art form all shapes Kolkata's streets as the legacy of Rabindranath Tagore runs deep through every street of this vibrant city - his legacy remains ever present - something only Kolkata excels at doing effortlessly at both sides - we all feel drawn towards it all the time! Kolkata effortlessly preserves heritage while moving forward simultaneously!

Luxurious Stays at 5 Star Hotels in Kolkata

Kolkata boasts several 5-Star hotels that provide luxurious stays, offering luxurious stays to relax from your daily life and find peace. Each 5 Star Hotel in Kolkata combines elegance and quality to meet your individual needs and will help create a peaceful retreat by providing high quality comfort that can lift spirits. 5 star hotels in Kolkata provide guests with an exciting combination of creativity and freshness that ensure they enjoy an unforgettable vacation. 

Looking to treat yourself? A five star hotel will add that extra special to make your visit more memorable, offering luxurious amenities such as on-site restaurants with panoramic city views, in-room massages and private patios. These luxury 5 star hotel activities and facilities are tailored specifically to their high-end guests, from dining selections to gorgeous surroundings like groomed lawns, glittering infinity pools, great spas, spacious suites and great service spas. 

5 Star Hotels Near Airport

Kolkata boasts several five star hotels which provide transportation for their visitors, offering shuttle service up to five miles from the hotel when available. When arriving, be assured that transportation will be readily available to help get you where you need to go - particularly luxury hotels focused on giving guests exactly what they desire during their stay!


A five-star hotel provides unparalleled accommodations and dining experiences from breakfast through room service, making a stay here one of the most desirable amenities - not least of all for dinner service! When selecting where to stay, one of the key criteria should include on-site restaurants/bars as a must have amenity. 

Celebrations of magical flair

After  an exciting day in Kolkata, nothing beats relaxing in luxury with a meal at your 5 star hotel restaurant, as most on-site dining provides local and international fare. Nothing can match the pleasure of enjoying refined dining in one's 5 star hotel suite.Kolkata is home to some of India's finest five-star hotels, making it an ideal location for a stunning wedding celebration. Staying here will undoubtedly give your celebrations a magical flair; but instead of worrying about all those arrangements on your special day, why not let someone else take care of everything for you? 

Budget hotels

5 star hotels provide us with luxurious retreats on every trip we take, without breaking our budget. For such accommodations in Kolkata you could check out: Lemon Tree Premier New Town, Holiday Inn Kolkata Airport, Novotel Kolkata Hotel and Residence, Lalit Great Eastern Kolkata Raj Kutir The Claridale Ballygunge Hindusthan International The Altair are budgeted luxury retreats featuring free cancellation within 24 hours, open-air swimming pool all day dining cafe all-day dining service at their in-house cafe all day dining all day cafe, relaxing spa treatments safety & hygiene protocols plus pick-up/drop airport service with currency exchange available on demand.

Hotels may offer packages covering everything from food and decor arrangements to photography services that cover it all for you. So all of that stress-free wedding magic could be waiting just around the corner! Winter in Kolkata is an ideal time to visit, with pleasant temperatures ideal for activities and sightseeing. Beginning in October and lasting through March, its winter is marked by numerous celebrations across the city. These 5 star hotels offer guests an abundance of activities such as swimming pools, delicious meals, stunning landscapes, relaxation at spas or naturopathy treatments, lightening outdoor activities or engaging in hobbies to relieve tension. So, contact with Kolkata 5 star hotel to dive in luxury.