Flying in Comfort: Insider Tips For a Relaxing Flight from Delhi to Bangalore

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Flying in Comfort: Insider Tips For a Relaxing Flight from Delhi to Bangalore (Image: Pixabay)
Flying in Comfort: Insider Tips For a Relaxing Flight from Delhi to Bangalore (Image: Pixabay)

New Delhi : Learn how to enhance the fun and stress-free aspect of your flight experience and guarantee a seamless takeoff and landing. These tips can help you get ready for a comfortable and stress-free flight, regardless of how experienced you are at travelling by air. Bid farewell to anxiety-inducing travel and hello to a more seamless and pleasurable journey from Delhi to Bangalore.

1. Drink a Lot of Water

About 60–70% of our body is made of water. The air conditioning in an aeroplane causes the air to be extremely dry. There is only about 15 percent humidity, as opposed to the ideal 40 to 60 percent. Because of this, we lose a lot of fluid when flying due to the air we breathe, our skin, and our mucous membranes. Your blood will thicken on board if you don't drink enough water. One of the main causes of the body's extreme fatigue during flight is precisely this lack of water. 

It is crucial to avoid this by consuming an ample amount of water. Water is the main subject of this. Avoid coffee, wine, soft drinks, and alcohol above all else to maintain the ideal water balance. Alcohol enters your brain more quickly and widens your blood arteries, depending on the cruise altitude. This causes the legs to enlarge, particularly on extended trips. That being said, just remember to stay hydrated when travelling and drink lots of water!

2. Choose The Right Clothes

A thorough reading of this text will have taught you that aeroplane air is extensively air-conditioned. As a result, inside the Delhi to Bangalore flight, it is typically a little colder than outside in the open air. Additionally, the temperature on board varies between day and night flights. Therefore, wearing the ideal attire for a flight has more than one role. 

The tried-and-true "layered look" is ideal since it will ensure that you are warm enough to remove one or two layers based on the temperature. It's a really flexible and basic notion!

3. Seat selection

The legroom aboard the aircraft is a bit small for anyone who isn't travelling first or business class. You are advised to take a seat on the emergency exit row if you are flying economy. Flight reservations are typically reserved for a price. A window seat will be most convenient if you are the type of person who shuts their eyes the moment you step onto an aircraft. It's especially appropriate for sleeping. In particular, if you're travelling alone and don't want to make love to the stranger occupying the seat across from you. 

The benefit of having an aisle seat is that you may get up whenever you want without bothering your seatmates for the whole flight. This is the place for you if you, too, have problems with a weak bladder or if you enjoy taking short walks through the aircraft to stretch your legs.

4. Occasional Movement is a Must

Regardless of the seat you select on the Bengaluru to Delhi, you ought to move around frequently. This is particularly true for lengthy flights since sitting still causes the muscles in the back to tense up. Simple stretching and circular movements help to release the muscles and avoid this tension. Stretch your arms forward and fold your hands in front of your tummy at a slight angle. 

Next, raise your arms upward in a diagonal motion while turning your palms away from your body. Then, just rotate the head a few times, first to the left and then to the right. This restarts your circulation as well.

5. Finding The Perfect Sitting Position

It's important that you periodically not just stand up and move, but also shift places. You should assume a comfortable posture that doesn't place too much strain on your back if you want to take a quick nap. It is also crucial that you sit as far back in your seat as possible to ensure that the backrest of your aircraft seat is between your hip and your hip, which is the best seating position. Roll up your sweater, scarf, or blanket now. 

Then bend slightly forward and place the roll at the beginning of your lower back. You would be able to sit more comfortably this way. 

Hence, when booking flight tickets from Delhi to Bangalore, make sure to travel in comfort. 


You can guarantee a stress-free and uneventful flight by adhering to the advice provided in this book. These small suggestions, like drinking plenty of water, dressing comfortably, and packing entertainment, can go a long way. Thus, have these tips in mind as you get ready for your next flight and get set to kick back, unwind, and easily enjoy the trip to Bangalore.