Telangana Lockdown: New E-pass guidelines you need to know

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Travel via E Pass (Image: Pixabay)
Travel via E Pass (Image: Pixabay)

Hyderabad : A complete lockdown will be observed in Telangana from May 12 to May 21 and the state has announced travel restrictions and rules with timings to open grocery, meat and milk shops. As far as traveling is concerned, the administration has said that those who are making inter or intra-state travel will have to procure an e-pass from the police station at the place of origin.

The special E-pass for travel purpose will be issued via an e-pass portal to those traveling to other states and other districts. The passes will be issued only to those who are traveling for emergency.

However, those coming to Telangana from other states will have to procure passes from the state where the journey begins. For example, a person travelling from Kerala to Hyderabad, has to procure a pass from Kerala.

According to a news report, the e-portal started by the police for E-pass already recorded over 7,000 requests for travel purpose.

"There are a few exempted categories, like essential services, medical services etc. If you are a patient's attendant, keep the hospital’s attendant pass with you or a prescription and you will be allowed to travel," the Commissioner said.

CLICK HERE for Telangana E-pass portal

Vehicles transporting essential goods, including food items and groceries will remain exempted from the lockdown. Such vehicles are required to paste details of items they are transporting on the windscreen of their vehicle.