Aliens on Mars! Conspiracy theorists claim to have proof: Watch video

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New Delhi : Mars has aliens, or that is what conspiracy theorist have claimed. 

The UFO hunters have claimed that they have spotted debris from a UFO crash on the surface of Mars, which could be a proof of aliens in the universe and that they visited Mars at some point of time. 

In a video uploaded on YouTube, conspiracy theorists at SecureTeam10, claim that there is no doubt that there is something of an almost perfect triangular-shaped nature, albeit a little dented up and a little warped, but it doesn’t look like it belongs there.

Speaking about the close proximity of the “crashed UFO” to the “alien base”, he added: “When you find another object in the same general area that again looks out of place. We have found these domes on multiple planets and moons.”

“Could that be what we’re seeing here? A camouflage among this crater field. Or is this some sort of ancient relic?” the narrator asked.

Alien or UFO hunting a worldwide craze. The images have surfaced time and again which claim to be the proof of the existence of alien life. 

However, all such videos and photos have been dismissed by US space agency NASA, leading alien hunters to believe that the space agency is deliberately trying to hide alien existence.

The Mars alien YouTube video also talks about a UFO spotting near Naval Air Weapons Station China Lake in California.

The images were apparently captured in 2007, but released recently by a man called Keith Bradshaw (pseudonym), who was 'too nervous' to show anyone until now.

According to reports, Keith saw the object hover and occasionally manoeuvre in the sky while several military vehicles were parked nearby. He also claimed that he saw a military helicopter hovering nearby, which looked like controlling the UFO.