13-million-year old baby ape fossil skull to unearth evolution of man kind

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Skull Alesi
Skull Alesi

New Delhi : A baby skull of a new species has been discovered by the scientists that can help in solving the mystery of how apes became humans.

The found skull is believed to be 13-million-years old. Scientists have nicknames it as Alesi. 

It is believed to be from Miocene epoch, the time when apes were expanding their range into Eurasia.

Scientists described the creature, found in Kenya, as being like a non-acrobatic baby gibbon with a small snout.

The research was done by an international team led by Isaiah Nengo of the Turkana Basin Institute, Stony Brook University, and De Anza College in California. 

In 2014, it was spotted by Kenyan fossil hunter John Ekusi in 13 million year-old rock layers in the Napudet area, west of Lake Turkana in northern Kenya.