Jupiter as old as the whole solar system, find scientists

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Age of planet Jupiter revealed by scientists
Age of planet Jupiter revealed by scientists

New Delhi : Planet Jupiter comes with several interesting facts attached to it; some major ones include its massive ball of gas, a rolling storm or its size that makes it the biggest planet in our solar system. The latest to add up the list is its age that is believed to be same as of our solar system.

An international team of researchers has reached a conclusion that supports the hypothesis that Jupiter is also the oldest planet in our system, and it’s all about the gas.

The group of researchers, from Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, as well as the Germany’s University of Munsterin, conducted a study on the meteorites to study early days of the Solar system. Their study resulted into an interesting conclusion revealing a life of planet Jupiter. 

The researchers found out that there were two types of objects revolving around the sun during early days and there was something that was acting like a gatekeeper, preventing them from mixing.

That object, the team says, was Jupiter, and by studying the isotopes of the meteorites they are able to take a pretty solid guess at the planet’s age. The data suggests Jupiter’s rocky core formed just one million years after the solar system’s birth, and that it grew to 50 times the size of Earth within three to four million years.

So, Jupiter is also of the same age of our solar system that is approximately 5 billion years old.