Are aliens for real? NASA to answer big question with Kepler findings on December 14

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NASA to reveal about existence of alien life on Thursday via press conference
NASA to reveal about existence of alien life on Thursday via press conference

New Delhi : NASA will be unveiling unsolved mystery about alien life on Thursday, based upon finding by Kepler telescope the scientist will be making the big announcement.

The press conference will be addressed by the scientists who were involved in the study of several thousand planets discovered by the Kepler space telescope.

So far Kepler has been a successful planet-hunting probe as it identified over 2500 planets with another 2000 candidates that still need to be studied. Kepler has found several planets orbiting their star in the so-called "Goldilocks Zone," where it is warm enough for liquid water to flow. The announcement may be related to one of those planets.

NASA officials hinted about finding of alien life in the press note they released earlier: 

The team at the Kepler Space Telescope has been searching for extra-terrestrial life since 2009, and now they have found something spell bounding. In the course of time, the telescope has found many Earth-sized planets on the habitable zone, and researchers believe that some of them have the possibility to support life. According to NASA officials, this startling discovery was made using machine learning supported by Google.

“The discovery was made by researchers using machine learning from Google. Machine learning is an approach to artificial intelligence, and demonstrates new ways of analyzing Kepler data,” wrote NASA officials in a recently released press release.

The scientists are currently working on new Webb space telescope that is scheduled to be launched in 2019. The telescope will not be able to capture images on the planets but, its prime motive will be of finding a Earth-like planet in the space.

While it would be a pretty big deal to find an earth twin out there, with NASA, you always have to question the timing.