NASA's 'terrible' review on ASAT gets no response from India

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ASAT is said to have created about 400 pieces of orbital debris
ASAT is said to have created about 400 pieces of orbital debris

New Delhi : NASA has warned that anti-satellite weapon test has created 400 space debris which could collide with International Space Station (ISS), anytime. But, the India government refused to comment on the US space agency's assessment report. When media contact the spokesperson of Ministry of Defence, there was no response received.

It was on March 27 that India achieved a historic success by shooting down its own low-orbit satellite with a ground-to-space missile, making the country a space power. Until then only three other countries including the US, Russia and China have ASAT capabilities. Now, India has added itself in the list and the success of the country seems to be irritating the neighbouring countries like Pakistan.

The NASA on April 2 termed as a "terrible thing" India's shooting down of one of its satellites that has created about 400 pieces of orbital debris, threatening the ISS.

NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine said about 60 pieces have been tracked so far and out of which 24 are going above the apogee of the ISS.

"That is a terrible, terrible thing to create an event that sends debris and an apogee that goes above the international space station. That kind of activity is not compatible with the future of human spaceflight that we need to see have happen," he had said.