New mysterious cirlce on Mars surface found in NASA probe

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Image of Mars captured by MRO (Image Courtesy: NASA)
Image of Mars captured by MRO (Image Courtesy: NASA)

New York : A new mysterious circle has been found on the surface of red planet - Mars - by NASA in its probe done by Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO).

MRO's HiRISE (High Resolution Imaging Science Experiment) camera took a image "to take a closer look at a circular feature that might be an impact structure on the South Polar layered deposits," NASA officials wrote in a description Tuesday (April 4).

"Measuring the sizes and frequency of impact craters provides a constraint on the age of the landscape," they added. "However, craters in icy terrain are modified by processes that flatten and change them in such a manner that it is hard to say for sure if it had an impact origin."

About MRO Mission

NASA $720 million MRO mission was launched in August 2005 and has started its probe on Mars in March 2006, after it landed on the planet.

In a time span of over 11 years, the space craft had been on a hunt to find signs of water activity, studying Martian geology and climate, scouting out landing sites for future robotic and human missions and relaying data from surface robots such as the Curiosity rover home to Earth, among other tasks.

Where is MRO placed in space?

MRO has been orbitting the red planet since 2006 in a near-polar orbit whose altitude has ranged from 155 to 196 miles (250 to 316 kilometers). Recently, on March 27, 2017 it completed its 50,000th lap around the Red Planet.

Health of space craft

Despite being there for a long time, the scientists have claimed that the spacecraft and its six science instruments are in perfect condition.