Did TREES grow on Mars? NASA reveals stunning new image of Alien Hunter spots an ancient tree stump on Red Planet

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Tree stump on Mars red Planet
Tree stump on Mars red Planet

New Delhi : Mars, aka red planet, is a dry planet with no life on it; but there have been traces that claim it had once life on it. In the latest development, Alien hunters claimed to have discovered photographic evidence of tree stump, showing the planet might have had green vegetation at some point of time.

NASA’s Curiosity rover on Sol 1647 snapped a picture which shows an ancient tree stump (3ft approx. in height) on Mars. The pictures have now been released by NASA.

'This object definitely looks out of place and in my opinion could be the petrified remnants of a Martian tree,' the alien hunter and YouTuber shared in the video description.

'Object is around 3 feet in height, and with numerous discoveries of plant and animal life on mars, it would be logical to assume, that a variety of tree either existed or still exists on this enigmatic planet.'

In an explanation of the image, NASA said that it was captured by the Mastcam onboard NASA's Mars rover Curiosity on Sol 1647 in March.

It is a good assumption since NASA themselves said Mars was Earth-like when a solar explosion hit the planet, stripping the atmosphere and oceans from the surface, well-known Martian researcher Scott C Warning shared on UFO Sightings Daily regarding Paranormal Crucible's discovery.

In a video posted on YouTube, he claimed to have found evidence of lakes of standing water surrounded by trees on the surface of Mars in images taken by NASA's Mars Global Surveyor. 

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