Solar Eclipse 2020: Do's and Don'ts to protect yourself during this celestial event

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RIng of FIre
RIng of FIre

New Delhi : On the 21st of June, 2020 we all will get an opportunity to enjoy a celestial treat of the annual solar eclipse. When the Moon passes between the Sun and the Earth directly, a total solar eclipse occurs during which the Sun is completely covered by the Moon but during the annular eclipse it does not fully obscure the Sun and a small ring of fire is formed around the Moon. This annular solar eclipse is also known as the ring of fire. This eclipse will be visible from certain parts of Africa, Congo, Ethiopia, Pakistan, India and even China.

The annular solar eclipse will be visible on 21 June 2020 from around 09:15 am IST till around 03:05 pm IST. You can enjoy this astronomical treat and if it isn't visible in your area due to the weather conditions, you can watch it online. While we do not believe in any superstitions, there are certain do's and don'ts that we all should follow to keep ourselves protected during the solar eclipse. 


1. Never look at the Sun directly during the eclipse. It's always best to take precautions and use special glasses which have solar filters to look at the Sun. Do not depend on DIY eclipse glasses.

2. The solar rays are concentrated and can do immense damage or injury to your eyesight. Those of you who are planning to dig out their binoculars or telescopes, we suggest you drop the idea and keep yourself protected. 


1. Don't let your children witness the celestial event without adult supervision. Avoid letting them go out during this time as well because they may end up looking at the soon with naked eyes which can be harmful to them.

2. Do not take off your solar eclipse glasses until and unless you have completely looked away. Taking off your eclipse glasses earlier it may leave your eyes exposed and at the risk of permanent damage.

3. If at all you do end up stepping out during this time, it's best to drive with your headlights on and avoid getting distracted due to the solar eclipse. Remember to park your car in a safe place and watch out for drivers who might be distracted.