UK finds the first drug to treat CORONAVIRUS

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New Delhi : The world is juggling with natural disasters and a global pandemic. Coronavirus originated in Wuhan, China. and has managed to spread across the world. It has infected a large number of people across the world and claimed numerous lives as well. Sadly there is no cure or vaccine or medicine to treat coronavirus up until now. India has 380532 confirmed cases out of which 163248 are active cases and 204711 have been cured and 12573 lives have been claimed by this virus.

Researches and companies are rushing to find a way out of this tough situation. They are racing to find a cure or a vaccine or medication to treat coronavirus. While most companies are still looking for a reliable medication and struggling to finish the clinical trials, after Russia, UK has now come up with a medicine to treat coronavirus. The UK finally had a major breakthrough and found a treatment for coronavirus after rigorous research and trials. The state-funded National Health Services (NHS UK) has approved the usage for steroid dexamethasone to treat this virus the plagues the world.

Oxford University researchers have also claimed that this drug shows promising results in reducing the mortality rate of coronavirus. This drug is cheap and easily available and is known to have anti-inflammatory properties. Researches claim that dexamethasone reduces the death rate and increases the survival rate of those who have been severely infected with COVID-19.

Just a small dose of this medicine can successfully increase the chances of survival for those who end up developing respiratory problems due to coronavirus and require oxygen. We finally have a way to deal with this global pandemic and save lives. But this does not mean that we don't need a vaccine or a cure. While this medicine can save lives, it is not a cure. It can reduce the risk of death of those on ventilators by 35% and those on oxygen by 25% but at the same time we have a long way to go to find a long-term solution but this drug has kickstarted the process and given us all hope.