This EARTH DAY lets come together to protect our Earth

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This 47th EARTH DAY lets come together and to protect our Earth
This 47th EARTH DAY lets come together and to protect our Earth

New Delhi : This 47th EARTH DAY lets come together and start an initiative to protect our Earth from the adverse effects of environment. To educate and aware the people round the world to take steps to save the Earth. 

The year 2017 is all about climate and environment. Let’s take a pledge to save our earth and make it a better place to live. We can do this by educating people the concept of climate change and its effects of the Earth. 

Dr Saleem Khan, a climate change scientist who works with the academia, governments and non-governments said, “Climate change takes place because of anthropogenic activities, particularly due to the exploitation of natural resources. This produces more greenhouse gases and has a great impact on the planet. Every person is equally responsible and we must collectively address this issue’’

“Climate change also creates opportunities in terms of research and innovation, new technology, attitudinal and behavioral changes.” he added.

All we need to do to save our Earth is to take small steps. Nobody has to do everything and everybody will have to come together to save Earth. 

Once in your lifetime, plant a tree and watch it growing. These will initiative a feeling and you will plant more trees. 

Educate as much as you can the adverse effects of our activities on Earth and also the ways and means by which we can combat that.

Use natural ways as much as you can. One can start by using walking till possible, using public transport; avoid using papers as possible, use reusable bottles and much more. 

Keep your city, locality, society, and house, ground everything clean. Indulge people, clean these places and plant saplings there.

And the foremost thing we can do is using renewable energy. This includes wind and solar. This will minimize the use of fossil fuels. Try installing solar panels at home.

Just try and treat your Planet as your home, and this for sure will become a beautiful place to live.