Alien life in outer space, Canadian telescope receive signal

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Representational Image
Representational Image

New Delhi : Unlike life in the Earth, lives in other planets have been the most interesting subjects for science lovers since decades. Scientists keep on tracking if there is unusual signal about extraterrestrial life and even a pinch of roar goes viral in no time. To evoke your curious nerve, we have come up with an interesting piece of news. A Canadian radio telescope is believed to have picked up mysterious signals from outer space, reports And, it could be a sign of extraterrestrial life, somewhere on the Milky Way.

Report claims that the signal is milliseconds long and it is a newly discovered Fast Radio Burst (FRB). The report also adds that these puzzles which are short explode of radio emissions were first discovered ten years ago. Even though what accurately causes these FRBs is not yet known, what the report validates is that they originate from beyond our galaxy. 

The strange space signal is the first FRB recorded at frequencies below 700 MHz. The Canadian Hydrogen Intensity Mapping Experiment (CHIME) telescope has captured the mysterious signal.

Scientists believe that the bizarre bursts could be neutron stars, exploding black holes, or aliens. For now, they are analyzing the signals to discover if there is life in the outer planet.