Russia: 18 killed after helicopter crashes in north Siberia

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File photo of a Russian-built Mi-8 helicopter | AFP
File photo of a Russian-built Mi-8 helicopter | AFP

New Delhi : Close to eighteen people died in Russia on Saturday morning (August 4) when a helicopter crashed on its way to an oil station in the north Siberian region of Krasnoyarsk, sources reports.

The Mi-8 helicopter comes under the realm of Russia’s national airline Utair. It was carrying three crew members and 15 passengers. Soon after take-off, the helicopter underwent collision with the outside cargo that another helicopter was carrying, officials said. The second helicopter landed safely after ditching its cargo.

The accident occurred at 5.43 am Moscow time (8.13 am as per Indian time) near the Vankor oil and gas field in Krasnoyarsk’s Turuhansk district. It crashed helicopter was manufactured in Russia in 2010, and the total flown duration is nearly 6,000 hours.

“The first take-off was carried out by a Mi-8 with an external cargo suspension without passengers on board, the second take-off was performed with passengers who were workers on shifts at the oil station,” the ministry said in a statement, according to AFP. “According to preliminary information, the Mi-8 carrying passengers, for reasons unknown, collided with the external suspension of the second helicopter after take-off. As a result it fell, was destroyed and burned.”

The Russian government expressed grief after hearing the news and has set up a commission to investigate the air crash.