Aliens might have visited Earth, but we missed: NASA

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Representational Image
Representational Image

New Delhi : Scientists keep on observing if there is traces which could indicate extraterrestrial life in the universe. Recently, an expert from NASA says that aliens may have already visited Earth but we humans missed to notice their arrival.

Silvano P Colombano, a computer scientist at NASA Ames Research Centre suggests that aliens may look very different then the human expectations may be they are carbon-based organisms which would let them to remain unidentified.

"I want to point out the fact that the intelligence we might find and that might choose to find us might not be at all produced by carbon-based organisms like us." Colombano wrote in the paper.

According to the professor at NASA, scientists must "revisit our most cherished assumptions" and consider the idea of different characteristics, as well as the possibility that interstellar travel is already feasible for extraterrestrials.

"The size of the 'explorer' might be that of an extremely tiny super-intelligent entity", he assumed." If we adopt a new set of assumptions about what forms of higher intelligence and technology we might find, some of those phenomena might fit specific hypotheses, and we could start some serious enquiry."

Colombano further suggests that it is worth re-considering what civilisation may actually look like when scanning the universe and "considering further that technological development in our civilisation started only about 10,000 years ago and has seen the rise of scientific methodologies only in the past 500 years".