Hubble telescope captures three galaxies in one photo

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Hubble telescope captures three galaxies in one photo (Image: NASA/ESA)
Hubble telescope captures three galaxies in one photo (Image: NASA/ESA)

New Delhi : Nasa shared a picture clicked from Hubble telescope, showing three galaxies in one frame.

The photo was clicked from Hubble Telescope, a joint effort of NASA and European Space Agency.

The first galaxy can be seen in the bottom right of the photo, described by the European Space Agency as "bowling-ball-shaped." Near the center of the photo, you can see the second galaxy, with its long tails stretching out from its center. Toward the top right is the third, orange-hued galaxy.

The scientists have also given a combined name to the three galaxies - NGC 7764A. They are located at around 425 million light years away from the Earth.

The galaxies in the top right appear to be “interacting with one another,” the European Space Agency wrote in a post describing the photo.

"The long trails of stars and gas extending from them give the impression that they have both just been struck at great speed, thrown into disarray by the bowling-ball-shaped galaxy to the lower left of the image," the ESA said. "It is also unclear whether the galaxy to the lower left is interacting with the other two, although they are so relatively close in space that it seems possible that they are."

"Interacting with one another" doesn’t mean they’re smashing into each other at high speeds, the ESA said. "In reality, interactions between galaxies happen over very long time periods, and galaxies rarely collide head-on with one another."