ISRO Gaganyaan: 3 Indians to spend 7 days in space, Govt approves 10k crore

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Representational Image
Representational Image

New Delhi : In the latest developmental reporting, sources confirmed that the Union Cabinet, today, has approved Gaganyaan programme giving a thumbs up to the India's space mission. Accordingly, the government will invest the whopping 10k crore, estimated for the mission.

The indigenous human spaceflight programme will carry three member crews for minimum seven days into space. 

It is likely that India will be the fourth country after the USA, Russia and China to send humans to space.

To inform, Indian Space Research Organisation ( ISRO) will launch its manned space mission in 2022, and the space agency displayed the Gaganyaan crew model and space suits in September.

ISRO's chief K Sivan had shared in November that the agency had set a target of achieving the country's ambitious manned mission to space by 2021, with the first unmanned programme of 'Gaganyaan' planned for December 2020.

A human-rated GSLV Mk-III will be used to carry the orbital module which will have necessary provisions for sustaining a 3-member crew for the duration of the mission, a government statement said. The programme, will demonstrate Indian Human Spaceflight capability to low earth orbit for a mission duration ranging from one orbital period to a maximum of seven days.

However, ISRO will select the three-member crew in association with the Indian Air Force. Sources confirmed that the space agency has already completed the development of launch vehicle GSLV Mk-lll.