Planet Nine is 5 to 10 times bigger than Earth; claim researchers

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Representational Image
Representational Image

New Delhi : Our solar system has been a point of discussion since the evolution of earth. And, the existence of Planet Nine has been questioned since its discovery in 2014. Scientists are expecting to find the strange facts covering the celestial object.

A new paper published in the journal Physics Reports says that if Planet Nine really exists, it could probably be five to 10 times the size of the Earth, travelling along an elongated orbit that peaks at 400 times the Earth's distance from the sun. It is assumed that the orbit is 15 to 25 degrees off the main orbital plain of the solar system.

The existence of planet has been debated for long as scientists and researchers follow the pattern of objects in the Kuiper Belt. Experts say that the objects form clusters, giving scientists reason to believe that gravity from a bigger object is tugging them.  It is possible that the objects come together because of the “self-gravity” of the Kuiper Belt acting on its own and may not be from another planet.

Apart from scepticism around Planet Nine, new research suggests that the planet is nearer-by than previously thought. But authors of the paper published in Physics Reports also said that there is a possibility that such a planet didn't exist at all. This cannot be explained as a whole. Yet astronomers are making major strategies to figure out the existence of Planet Nine.

Let's see, how far our astronomers and their assumption go!