CLT20 2014: Five reasons why there is no buzz about it

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CLT 2014
CLT 2014

New Delhi : The Champions League is all set to kick start in less than a week and surprisingly there is no buzz about it. Wondering why? Following five points may be the reason behind it

  • More of cricket dish served during this session:  As we all know excess is bad for everything, similarly hell lot of cricket is all set to cost CLT20. A high profile series of India and England is the prime reason behind killing CLT20 buzz.
  • Lack of management: If you look closely to the teams you will find eight out of 12 teams are from three countries and there is no team from the side of England and Bangladesh. Well, Champions league is not supposed to do that.
  • More of a IPL touch: There are four IPL teams who will be contesting against the other teams from different countries. Well, it gives more of a local touch to the international game.
  • Biasness: Since there are more of IPL teams, the biasness comes in as there will be less chance for non-IPL teams to claim the title.
  • No big star attraction: While IPL is a star studded affair, we don’t see any big star associating himself with the game of champions. Disappointing to the core!

Share your views also in the comment box which could be the reason for the less buzzing upcoming CLT20.