Sanju Samson angry over Sandeep Sharma's no ball

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Sanju Samson angry over Sandeep Sharma's no ball (Image: Twitter/SunRisers)
Sanju Samson angry over Sandeep Sharma's no ball (Image: Twitter/SunRisers)

New Delhi : On Sunday, Sanju Samson, the skipper of the Rajasthan Royals, expressed his regret over the no-ball that resulted in his team's loss to Sunrisers Hyderabad in the Indian Premier League (IPL) 2023 match. Samson explained that in T20 cricket, "you can't step the line at that point of time". In the final over of the match, with the Royals defending a total of 17 runs, Sandeep Sharma celebrated after apparently dismissing Samad on the last ball. However, to Sharma's dismay, it was later revealed that he had bowled a no-ball.

Abdul Samad punished Sharma's mistake by hitting a six over his head, resulting in an incredible four-wicket win for Sunrisers in a dramatic finish, and costing the Royals the match. Despite being confident with Sandeep defending the final over, Samson acknowledged the unpredictable nature of IPL matches, stating that "you can never feel like you have won the game." 

During the post-match presentation, Samson added that while he knew any opponent could win the game, Sharma had previously won them a game from a similar situation against CSK, but unfortunately the no-ball ruined their result. 

When asked about his reaction to the no-ball call on the last ball, Samson expressed that he didn't feel much about it, as it was just a no-ball, and they would have to bowl it again. He emphasized that in situations like this, Sandeep knows what to do, although there might be a small shift in mindset for a few seconds when everyone believes the job is done. According to Samson, this is the nature of the game, and one can't afford to step the line at that point in time.