Hardik Pandya to be booked for a tweet on Ambedkar

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Hardik Pandya to be booked for a tweet on Ambedkar
Hardik Pandya to be booked for a tweet on Ambedkar

New Delhi : A special court in Jodhpur on Thursday directed police to file a FIR against Hardik Pandya for his alleged comment on Dr Bhim Rao Ambedkar. The ruling comes in regards to a petition, filed by D R Meghwal, claiming Pandya's comment posted on December 26 has hurt sentiments people of his community.

"Which Ambedkar ??? The one who drafted a cross law and constitution or the one who spread the disease called reservation in the country," Pandya purportedly posted on his twitter timeline.

Unhappy with the comment, the petitioner filed his complaint in the court on Tuesday. In his petition, Meghwal has claimed that a public figure like cricketer Hardik Pandya has attempted to insult and disregard the constitution and the architect of the constitution deliberately, hurting the sentiments of many people of his community.

“I learnt about Pandya’s comment through social media in January. It appeared quite derogatory for a figure like Ambedkar and was an attempt to spread hatred and create division in the society,” said Meghwal, an advocate by profession. “By doing so, he has committed a serious crime and hurt the sentiments of my entire community,” Meghwal said, adding that Pandya should be given adequate and suitable punishment for his “crass act”.

Meanwhile, Rajesh Yadav, SHO of Udai Mandir Thana in Jaipur, told NDTV that further action will be taken as per the law.

"We are yet to receive the orders of the court and once we get it, I will be in a position to comment," he added.