Google launch Chromebook Plus on Monday: New AI era of Chromebooks

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Google launch Chromebook Plus on Monday: New AI era of Chromebooks (Images:
Google launch Chromebook Plus on Monday: New AI era of Chromebooks (Images:
The Chromebook Plus is a brand-new class of Chromebooks that Google has released. These laptops have certain hardware requirements and are intended to increase productivity. Acer, Asus, HP, and Lenovo are the manufacturers of Chromebook Plus machines, which have beginning prices of $399.

Specifications of Google Chromebook Plus

For the Chromebook Plus, Google has established minimum hardware requirements to guarantee the efficient functioning of productivity apps and AI-powered capabilities. Here is a list of these requirements:

All Chromebook Plus laptops come with Intel Core i3 12th Gen or above or AMD Ryzen 3 7000 series or above, 8GB+ RAM and 128GB+ internal storage. Google is giving Chromebook Plus devices useful video conferencing features. Users may quickly mute or unmute the microphone and turn on or off the camera using a separate control panel at the bottom of the device. AI-powered features, like better illumination, noise suppression, background blur, and live captions, are revealed when the menu is expanded. Additionally, Google Drive's automatic file synchronization is now enabled, making it possible to view files even when there is no internet connection.

Additionally, all Chromebook Plus laptops include complete HD IPS displays, giving you a complete 1080p HD experience with temporal Noise Reduction updated Google Photos

On Chromebook Plus, Google Photos is receiving a number of enhancements, including Magic Eraser for object removal, HDR, portrait blur, and automatically creating movies from still images and videos. Although some of these capabilities could work with other Chromebooks, Google has said that they would initially only be available on Plus models.

Programme Updates of Google Chromebook Plus

Google has expanded the list of Chromebooks eligible for its 10-year software update guarantee to include older models that fit the Chromebook Plus description. This guarantees Chromebook users' long-term viability and ongoing support.

The first batch of $399 Chromebook Plus laptops will be released by Asus, Acer, HP, and Lenovo. Starting on October 8, these gadgets will be sold in clamshell and detachable two-in-one form factors. Customers in Europe and Canada can buy Chromebook Plus devices the next day.

Subscriptions and Partnerships of Google Chromebook Plus

Software like Photoshop, Adobe Express, and LumaFusion are available thanks to a partnership between Google, Adobe, and LumaTouch. Three months of Photoshop and Express memberships are free for new Chromebook Plus buyers. Additionally, a three-month trial of Nvidia's GeForce NOW Priority premium cloud gaming service will be included with every new Chromebook Plus device.