5 things Xiaomi mi3 sale has taught us

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New Delhi : Two weekly sales of the phone which were sold out even before most of us could log in has brought to the fore these facts about the Indian smartphone market.

  • Price does matter: The only revolutionary thing about the phone is that it fits many high end features in a mid range price
  • The C word: Chinese is no longer an equivalent to cheap and low quality
  • Customers are not the kings: By first registering large number of people and then denying them, flipkart has not been too kind to its customers
  • After sale service has taken a back seat: By breaking the bank on a phone company which is yet to even establish dedicated service centres, people are taking a gamble of sorts.
  • Reviews rule the roost: Much of the buzz around the phone has been because of the near perfect scores the phone has received from the reviewers.