Apple iPhone 7 faster than Pixel smartphone made by Google

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Made By Google Pixel vs Apple iPhone 7
Made By Google Pixel vs Apple iPhone 7

New Delhi : Made by Google Pixel smartphone gave Android lovers another reason to cheer this Diwali. With over the top specifications, the phone is touted to be as one of the greatest alternatives to demolish niche by Apple's iPhone 7.

By taking a cue from the specifications mentioned on paper, the phone appears to be the fastest and strongest phone ever made on Android platform. But, will it be able to become a preferred choice over the champs iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus. 

From a long time Apple has been enjoying the top spot with its unbeatable speed and specifications. But with Google stepping in market things are likely to get tough.

YouTube channel SuperSaf TV posted a video recently that shows the Pixel and the iPhone 7 Plus facing off in two key performance tests. Why the smaller Pixel and the larger iPhone? Because both phones have 1080p displays, so this is the best way to level the playing field.

It also performs a real-time speed test and the results just blew our mind. Watch it yourself: