Apple rolls out iOS 11 update for iPhone and iPad: All you need to know

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Apple rolls out iOS 11 update for iPhone and iPad: All you need to know
Apple rolls out iOS 11 update for iPhone and iPad: All you need to know

New Delhi : Apple has rolled out its brand new feature loaded iOS 11 for its iPhones and iPads, enabling its users to experience the all new operating system without spending any money on buying new phone.

The iOS 11 has been loaded with various enhancements like a new voice and functionality for the Siri virtual assistant and a new photo format to reduce file sizes. 

The only disappointment stays that the older mobile phones may not get full features due to compatibility issue but major features will be available.

The features that will change your experience entirely with the new iOS 11 update are:

1: Look and Feel - The Company has once again gone back to basic only to enhance the overall experience. Last year, it had introduced swipe up to make more options available to user but it turned out to be a little frustrating; Now, the in iOS 11 it has been rolled out to one single page with customisation facility.

2: Screenshot is now share friendly - Take a screenshot and users will notice a small thumbnail on the corner of screen which can be tapped for instant sharing option. The feature is already available in most of the Android devices but, yes it is new for Apple users.

3: New Camera Filters – Apple's iOS 11 now have new photo filters to tweak your photos. To add a filter all you need to do is swipe up and you are good.

4: Safety warnings on Maps - With iOS 11, users will be shown speed limits and lane guidance on highways and indoor maps for some airports and shopping malls. 

5: No notification pops up while you are driving. The iOS 11 brings a new safety advantage and blocks all notifications from popping up on the lock screen as soon as the device detects you are driving.

6: Exclusive apps on apple store: Owning an Apple device needs to have exclusivity, with iOS 11 the company has introduced some applications which are exclusively available on Apple store.

For iPads

A Dock at the bottom offers quick access to recent and frequently used apps. The iPad gets new drag and drop capabilities to make it easier to move text and other content between apps. For instance, you can drag a location on a map into an email. Recent iPad models can now run three apps side by side, rather than just two.