Ask Siri, get help to diagnose coronavirus

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Apple's Siri answers about coronavirus
Apple's Siri answers about coronavirus

New York : In the latest update, Siri is now providing a questionnaire using US Public Health Service and CDC data) when users ask if they have the COVID-19 infection.

Now, when the users will ask Siri about the questions on coronavirus, it will ask back if they're exhibiting systems, which include fever or respiratory problems, and advising them, if infected, in the meanwhile to avoid contact with others.

If the symptoms match and look serious then the system ask its users to call 911, redirecting them to the Apple App Store to download telehealth apps so they may also remotely consult with healthcare professionals. Outside the U.S., users will be directed towards national health resources instead.

In other news, Apple has donated over $15 million in relief efforts to help coronavirus.