Over 1 million Samsung Galaxy Fold sold

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Over 1 million Samsung Galaxy Fold sold
Over 1 million Samsung Galaxy Fold sold

New Delhi : The Samsung Galaxy Fold, which was first launched in February and then re-launched in September this year, is getting a good response from the people as 1 million units have been sold till date.

Though 1 million sale figure does not appear much for a brand like Samsung, but if you consider that it is a premium phone and comes with a price tag only a few could afford then the sale figure would look brilliant.

The phone is first of its kind that comes with a foldable screen. Looking at the curiosity of people in investing this category of smartphones, it looks like more companies will try to come and be a part of this segment.

Just for the reference, Samsung has already made $2 billion from the Fold's sales alone and that too within a time period of three months.

While, there is a much of speculation about the phone and its segment, Samsung plans to sell over 6 million devices by the end of 2020.