Snapchat adds 'Time Machine' filter to show how you age

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Snapchat adds 'Time Machine' filter to show how you age
Snapchat adds 'Time Machine' filter to show how you age

New Delhi : Snapchat may not be as popular as Instagram is but it remains one of the favourite apps for the users who like to try different types of filters to give their pictures a tweak.

In the latest, Snapchat has added a new age AR lens called ‘Time Machine’ which shows users how they’ll look when they grow old. Such kind of filter is not new in the market but the one on Snapchat looks more natural and accurate.

On Snapchat, the 'Time Machine' filter allows users to increase or decrease their age with the help of a slider. The first stage uses Snapchat’s baby lens which blew up earlier this year. The Time Machine lens then progresses and ultimately ends with the old age look.

How to access the Time Machine filter?

The Time Machine lens is available on the app and users can access it from the Lens Carousel located below on the camera section. The Time Machine filter is located at the beginning of the Lens Carousel from the right side.

Snapchat users can snap a photo with the Time Machine lens by adjusting which ‘age’ they want it in. On Android, the slider for the Time Machine lens isn't available and users can snap photos from five age groups. The iOS version of Snapchat comes with the slider bar for the Time Machine lens.