Unveiling the OnePlus pad: Release date and price, check details

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Unveiling the OnePlus pad: Release date and price, check details (Image: oneplus.in)
Unveiling the OnePlus pad: Release date and price, check details (Image: oneplus.in)

Delhi : The design of OnePlus latest tablet has been openly teased. With just one camera sensor and an LED light on the back, the OnePlus Pad will debut. The Green colour choice is also confirmed by the company's teaser. A new product category for OnePlus will be the OnePlus Pad. How OnePlus advertises this tablet in the Indian market would be fascinating to observe. There is no doubt that the corporation has a significant brand presence, so everything it releases will be widely publicized.

OnePlus Pad: Design

The OnePlus Pad's design has just been revealed thanks to leaked designs and a new image that OnePlus itself provided. A 11.6-inch display with thin bezels on all four sides will be present. Soon after OnePlus previewed the tablet's narrow bezels and rounded corners on its website, the leaked photographs were released, further confirming the truth of the information. The OnePlus Pad will stand out from competing Android tablets thanks to its thin bezels.

The selfie camera is positioned in the right side's bezel in the renderings, making it perfect for video chats when using the smartphone in landscape mode. The selfie camera is not on the shorter display bezel as on other tablets, hence the tablet must be held in portrait mode while making video calls.

The back of the OnePlus Pad has a subtle aesthetic twist. The OnePlus Pad will have a camera centred towards the top edge of the device rather than a little camera bump on one of the corners. Users would no longer experience "any hassles when holding the tablet horizontally," according to OnePlus.

OnePlus pad specs

Sadly, nothing is known about the internals of the OnePlus Pad. The upcoming release of the tablet hasn't exactly set the rumour mill ablaze, thus there haven't been many leaks.

Don't expect the OnePlus Pad to have cutting-edge specs, though; prior rumours said the tablet may be "underpowered and expensive".  The Oppo Pad 2, a follow-up to the 2022 model, is being developed by the latter. According to leaks, it will include a 9,500mAh battery, an 11-inch 144Hz LCD screen, and 67W amazingly fast charging.

Software features of OnePlus pad:

Although it is assumed that the tablet will run Android 13, it is not yet known what improvements OnePlus will make.

The company's skin, OxygenOS, was created for mobile devices. Therefore, OnePlus' tablet may not offer the same experience. But it should have some novel software functions, since this will help the product stand out from competing tablets on the market.

With the exception of Samsung, manufacturers of other Android tablets don't provide excellent software support. It is unknown if the OnePlus Pad will be covered by the new software policy of the business, which guarantees four significant OS updates and five years of security updates.

At its Cloud 11 event, OnePlus has teased the release of the OnePlus Pad. On February 7, the brand will have a worldwide launch event in India where a number of items will be unveiled, including the global release of the OnePlus 11, OnePlus 11R, Buds Pro 2, and a new 65-inch TV. In China, several of these goods have previously been introduced.

Price, availability, and release date for the OnePlus Pad

The OnePlus Pad may only be available in limited quantities in specific European nations, similar to how other Nord items are. This suggests that, although nothing has been officially announced, the tablet may not debut in the United States.

The tablet should be on sale soon after OnePlus' Cloud 11 event on February 7, which is slated for that day. Its price is unknown, however it may run between Rs. 25,000 and Rs. 30,000 ($325 and $375) in India. The prices in Europe should be in the same range or somewhat more expensive to account for VAT and charges.