WhatsApp down: Twitter has hilarious reaction to global panic over absence of chat service

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New Delhi : Personal messaging service Whatsapp went down globally at around 2 PM (IST) on Friday. The users were unable to send messages to one another as the service continued to say 'connecting'. 

Most of the people went straight to Twitter to check if it was just their phone or if WhatsApp was down for everyone. And it looks like it was. 

The early reports came in from Europe, but soon the in India, Singapore, Mozambique, Vietnam, and Iraq also reported that they could not access the service.

While some users were panicking about the trauma of inability to use WhatsApp, others made it into hilarious memes. And before you know it WhatsApp became the top trending hashtag. 

The service will most likely be restored shortly. But till then the world will have to cope the trauma of a WhatsApp-less mobile universe.