6 ways to use chatbots to transform your digital marketing strategy

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6 ways to use chatbots to transform your digital marketing strategy
6 ways to use chatbots to transform your digital marketing strategy

New Delhi : Chatbots are emerging as the most effective technological solutions across domains irrespective of whether it is in banking, retail or digital marketing. A chatbot is nothing but a software that makes use of AI (Artificial Intelligence) to converse with a person. Using these chatbots, a lot of routines and mundane tasks can be automated. They are best to handle the initial communication in any domain and gather any necessary details so that when a real person steps in, they have all that is required to engage with customers in a meaningful manner.

Let us see how a digital marketing agency in India can use chatbots to transform their marketing strategy.

Partial Automation of Marketing Process

Chatbots are great tools for managing the initial steps of the marketing process where contact details and other information required for a sales call are gathered. They can even answer the general questions and provide a solution for common technical issues. This frees the customer service representatives, who can then be deployed for resolving complex issues. Thus, the initial part of the customer communication process can be automated. 

Bridge the Gap between Sales and Marketing

Marketing and sales are two different departments that need to be in complete sync. But, often there is a disconnection between them. For instance, the salespeople have no idea of where the prospect exactly is when they are taking up the call. When chatbots are used in the initial conversation, they bridge this gap between marketing and sales. They gather the required information, qualify leads and set up a perfect base for the sales team to take it up further and close it successfully. 

Increase the Volume of Marketing Conversation

As a substantial part of the marketing process gets automated, the team can then handle more volume of marketing conversations. The human workforce can reach out to more potential leads based on the data collected by chatbots, having a fruitful conversation with them resulting in more closed deals.

Real-time Interaction with Website Visitors

Digital marketing services in India view chatbots as a human engagement enabler and not as a human replacement. When someone lands on your webpage, you can use a chatbot to provide answers about your products or services. The best part is that you don’t need to have a customer support team all round the clock. The chatbot on your website will take care of visitors landing on your website and satisfy their basic queries.

Conduct Research and Analysis

Chatbots can be programmed to collect data and do demographic analysis, which can then be used in devising and tweaking the digital marketing strategies.

Initiates Engaging Conversation

Chatbots are continuously evolving and using AI to initiate an engaging conversation with time. They facilitate two-way communication, which can be used as a supplement to human conversation. They can be used as the first step to engage your website visitors. But, to make your visitors feel like they are having a conversation with a real person and not a robot, you need to infuse warmth and personality into its programming.

Not long back, chatbots were considered a thing of future, but that future has officially arrived now. It’s time that you incorporate these are a crucial part of your marketing strategy. With each passing day, chatbots are becoming stronger and their role in digital marketing is expanding. As of now, they are extensively used in communicating with customers through messenger applications. They are providing a better and more convenient way of communicating because calling on a customer service telephone line is very irritating with long wait time. Chatbots, on the other hand, can provide automated responses to the frequently asked questions of the potential buyers instantly, thus improving the user experience at the website.

With their machine-learning abilities improving day by day, they find the correct response to an inquiry and provide it to the customer quickly and efficiently. The best part is that it can work relentlessly day and night without getting tired or making any mistake. Incorporating this AI powerhouse into your digital marketing strategy is fast becoming a necessity and a digital marketing agencies in India such as Techmagnate understands this. If you don’t embrace this technological marvel with open hands, you are bound to be left behind.