How to change your email address,name, phone number on Aadhaar card online

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How to change your email address,name, phone number on Aadhaar card online
How to change your email address,name, phone number on Aadhaar card online

Aadhar Card was launched in 2009 by former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. Earlier the card was optional but now, the 12-digit unique identity number has become mandatory for all the citizens of India. Now government has issued notification to compulsorily link PAN Card with Aadhar Card.

New Delhi : However, many times you may find your name, date of birth and other information like phone number, email address wrong. In this case, you may require updating your Aadhar card with proper information. Now, without wasting your time and energy otherwise required in visiting the Aadhar card offices, you can update your Aadhar card online on the UIDAI website itself.

Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) website is created for online base update, also known self-service update portal. You can update your Aadhar card or make correction to the information already provided with a few clicks. Conversely, it is important to provide a valid phone number for registration in the website as you may receive OPT in the registered mobile number during the update process.

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In case you do not have lost that particular mobile number then you may have to visit an Aadhar enrollment center and update it. Only, then you will be able to update your base card online. Authorized card holder can change their name, address, gender (gender), date of birth, mobile number and email address online only. For any other changes, you may have to visit the base UIDAI enrolment / update center.

Steps to update your Aadhar card online:

1. First go to Self Service Update Portal. 

2. Type your base number i.e the 12-digit number 

3. After this you will get a One Time Password (OTP) on the registered mobile number.

4. After this, enter OTP and go to ‘update portal’.

How to send base data update requests

1. After this, select the option that you want to update / improve. 

2. You will be able to update all the options.

3. After choosing the option, the base update form will be available to you. Here, you change the information according to your need. Here, the name and address information will also be updated in Hindi along with English. 

4. Check the new information you have given and click on the ‘submitted update request’.

How to upload document for base update

1. After you have applied for the change, it must be noted that there is no need for any paperwork to make changes in the email ID, mobile number and gender. But for a change in name, date of birth and address, you will have to attach documents related to it. 

2. You will need to give proof of identification to change the name. These documents are valid for identity card like passport, PAN card, ration / PDS photo card, voter ID and driving license. 

3. To change the date of birth, you will have to give a photo copy of birth certificate, secondary board pass certificate or passport.

4. A proof of address will be required to change the address. The valid documents are passport, bank statement, bank passbook, post office account passbook, ration card and voter card. 

5. It must be noted that you have to upload self-signed photo copy of the document provided in the proof. And do not use the same document for two changes. It is always better to give different documents for various changes.

How to select BPO service provider

1. After uploading the required papers, select the appropriate option from the BPO Service Provider. 

2. Now submit the request. 

3. After this you will get an update request number. You can download or print the acknowledgment copy of the update request. 

It is always advisable to update all the information carefully in the UIDAI website so that you don’t have to repeat the tedious job. Hopefully, the aforesaid steps will help you to update your Aadhar card details online at ease.

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