AI-Generated images of Indian weddings: How internet users are reacting

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AI-Generated images of Indian weddings: How internet users are reacting (Image: @baghardh/Twitter)
AI-Generated images of Indian weddings: How internet users are reacting (Image: @baghardh/Twitter)

Delhi : Artificial intelligence (AI)-generated visuals have made a splash, and social media is overrun with user-shared graphical art. Thanks to technology, picture editing tasks that once required a lot of time and effort may now be completed in a matter of seconds. The "stereotypical" appearance of men and women from different Indian states was depicted in a recent series of images created by artificial intelligence (AI) and shared online by a Delhi-based artist. What marriage couples from different Indian states may seem like if they were imagined "stereotypically" has already been recreated by another Twitter user.

User @baghardh posted the images on Twitter, and his collages of them became viral online very fast. The couples featured in the article come from a variety of states, including Punjab, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Gujarat, Rajasthan, Himachal Pradesh, West Bengal, Kerala, Nagaland, and Arunachal Pradesh.

While some users approved of the concept, others weren't at all enthused and complained that the realistic images weren't quite accurate. Some even described it as stupid and unworkable. The majority of netizens, in particular, were incensed by the picture of a Bengali couple who were seen smiling with a sizable fish. Every other culture is represented normally, claims one commentator. I have every confidence that the user intentionally inserted certain phrases to get this bizarre image.

" Bengali does this," a different individual said. Revoke this AI artwork, please. Mouth-to-mouth communication is also missing from Bengali wedding rituals. You can't always rely on the stereotypes connected to Bengali and fish, so stop this nonsense! And where can we find this huge, gigantic fish? Additionally, I want to place an order for my wedding.

The plus-sized Gujarati couple received a remark asking, "Why this hate for Gujaratis?" Have you ever encountered Gujaratis with this appearance? One person objected to the photos in a letter. from when? I won't even bring up the UP couple! Since they are so distant from reality, all of the AI visuals and postings that I see seem to be a complete waste of time.

In reaction to the images, one individual commented, "Whatt rubbish, why are Bihari and UP Couples and Black and Shown Backward?" It must stop now. Because I am Gujarati, I can guarantee that the Gujarati AI is not even close to 0.00000001%. You don't understand Gujarati culture.