Android 14 Beta Alert: Google push Android 14 QPR2 Beta 1 to Pixel phones, features and warning

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Android 14 Beta Alert: Google push Android 14 QPR2 Beta 1 to Pixel phones, features and warning (Image:
Android 14 Beta Alert: Google push Android 14 QPR2 Beta 1 to Pixel phones, features and warning (Image:

Delhi : News about Android 14 QPR1 beta releases has surfaced within the last several weeks. The December 2023 Pixel feature drop will include the new features from these betas. However, Google has released the first beta of Android 14 QPR2, which will be available in March 2024. The Android 14 QPR1 beta program is officially closed as of the release of this latest beta. The last Pixel feature release of the year, which includes the things we've seen in that test program, will happen in December.

Additionally, Google contributes these features to the Android Open-Source Project (AOSP), so standard Android has them. Some functions will only be available on Pixel devices initially, but the majority should be available under Android skins like Samsung's One UI.

Features and bug corrections in Android 14 QPR2 beta 1.

This update comes with a lot of new features. We've compiled the most interesting and useful ones here.

Bug corrections for Android

  • Certain applications that utilize the meta-data element in an unusual way have a bug that stops the system from installing them.
  • There may not always be any haptic feedback when a user uses their fingerprint to unlock a device.
  • When a user opens a Pixel Fold device when it is folded, the inside display occasionally remains dark until the device is unfolded.

Bug fixed for Google android apps

There are situations where the Assistant at a Glance widget shows weather data for the incorrect place.

The solutions listed below are identified by Google and are most likely from QPR1:

  • Resolved a bug (Issue #303849830) that was causing the package manager to crash while installing certain programs.
  • Fixed a bug (Issue #307592531) that occasionally prohibited users from using the Android Beta input app to provide input.
  • Resolved an issue (Issue #306294357) that occasionally prohibited a device from joining a 5G network when one was available.

Expected Problems to face after updating these upgrades. Take note of the following general release advisories:

  • There may be a number of performance, battery, or stability problems with this update.
  • This version might not be suitable for everyday usage for users with accessibility needs.
  • With this version, certain apps might not perform as intended. Other apps as well as those made by Google are subject to this restriction.

Although the Android 14 QPR beta releases have passed early testing and offer developers a reliable set of pre-release APIs, they are not authorized by the Compatibility Test Suite (CTS). On Android 14 QPR beta releases, apps that rely on CTS-approved builds or make use of SafetyNet APIs may not function as intended.