Apple's first foldable phone: Release date, specs and more

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Apple's first foldable phone: Release date, specs and more (Image:
Apple's first foldable phone: Release date, specs and more (Image:

Delhi : Apple is likely to introduce a foldable iPhone shortly, following in the footsteps of Samsung and Oppo. The first foldable iPhone may be known as the "iPhone Fold," and it may be released in 2025. According to a claim by Apple Insider, the iPhone Fold would probably include an OLED display in addition to other new features.

  • It should be mentioned that Samsung presently dominates the foldable industry with its products, the Galaxy Z Fold and Galaxy Z Flip, which represent the brand's fourth generation of foldables.
  • Apple may choose a foldable design that resembles the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip. But how long-lasting will the first foldable iPhone be remains to be seen.

Samsung's mobile division, known as the Mobile Experience business, met with its suppliers in the third week of October to discuss their foldable smartphone strategy. In the discussion, Samsung said that it anticipates Apple's entry into the foldable market in 2024.

Samsung also revealed that its foldable phones were replacing older iPhone models among South Korean consumers in their 20s and 30s at a pace that was three to four times greater than usual. The South Korean smartphone juggernaut informed its suppliers that it anticipates a CAGR of 80% for the foldable smartphone industry until 2025.

In the meanwhile, a CCS  Insight analyst earlier in October forecast that Apple will introduce a foldable iPad rather than a foldable iPhone in 2024. A foldable iPad will debut ahead of a foldable iPhone, defying the general tendency of consumer electronics firms to introduce foldable smartphones.

The initial price of the first foldable iPhone, according to CCS Insight analyst Ben Wood, would probably need to be in the range of Rs. 2,06,875. Currently, the most costly and biggest storage variant of the new iPhone 14 Pro Max costs about Rs. 1,32,317.  "Apple will be taking a huge risk by releasing a foldable iPhone. In order to avoid cannibalising the current iPhones, it would first need to be extremely pricey, according to Wood, who was reported by CNBC.