How to apply for a Indian passport online

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How to apply for a Indian passport online
How to apply for a Indian passport online

New Delhi : Passport is a very important document which serves as a proof of citizenship. The first version of Passport was issued in 1920 and the current version was issued in 1986. Besides the purpose of identification, it is also an essential document for those who wish to travel internationally. Indian Passport is issued by the order of President of India and follows the rules of Passport Act 1967.

Now, with the availability of digital technology, applying for many things has become easier than before. If you have not made your passport yet and looking forward to make one, then you can apply passport online from your home or anywhere else as per your convenience. These days, online passport application process has eased the process and there are no tedious formalities otherwise required in the conventional mode of passport services. 

Gone are those days when there was a headache of applying for passport first, followed by submission of documents, paper verification, police verification, seeking help from passport agent, paying handful of money and so on. Now, applying online for passport is very easy, though the process is still long and despite the online application you will have to go to the passport office.

The most important change is that you will not need an agent and extra money to conduct the process. To make passport online, please follow the following steps carefully:

1. Visit the Passport service website,

2. Click on the new user's box and you will be taken to the registration page. 

3. Visit the Passport Service website now. Select the passport office of the city you are living in. Also make sure that you have written your name as it exists on your document. 

4. Click on Register when the work is done. 

5. Now that you have created your account, go back to the Passport Seva website. 

6. Click on the green button ‘login’ button. 

7. Type your email ID and click ‘continue’. 

8. Type your email, password and the characters created in the image. Then click ‘login’. 

9. Click on ‘apply for fresh passport / reissue of passport. 

10. Now, you can either download the form and fill it and then upload it back to the website, or it can be filled online. We would suggest that you fill the form online only. By doing this you will save time. 

Alternatively, if you want to download the form and fill out the form, click here to download the form. 

11. If you want to fill in the online form, then click on the option to click here to fill the application form online. 

12. On the next page you will have to choose between a new passport or re-issue, normal or immediate, 38 pages or 60 pages. Choose an option according to your convenience and needs and then click on the next page. 

13. You will have to give personal information in the next page. Keep in mind that the information you are giving is completely compatible with the document you have. After filling the form, click the Submit Application button on the bottom right hand side. 

14. After completing the form, go back to the webpage.

15. Click ‘view saved / submitted applications’. 

16. You will be able to see the application which was submitted a few minutes ago. Click the radio button next to it. Then click on ‘pay’ and ‘schedule appointment’. 

17. Select ‘online payment’ and click ‘next’. 

Now, you will be able to see the list of passport service centers in your city. It will also mention the closest date and time for appointment. 

18. From the drop down menu next to ‘PSK location’, select one option as per your convenience. 

19. Then type the characters created in the image. Then click ‘next’. 

20. Click on ‘pay; and ‘book appointment’. 

21. This will take you to the payment gateway page. As soon as you complete the payment process, visit the website of Passport Seva again.

22. Now you will be able to see a page on which appointment confirmation will be written. This page will have full details of the appointment from Passport Seva Kendra (PSK). 

23. Click on ‘print application receipt’. On the next page you will be able to see the details of your application. Again click on the ‘print application receipt’. 

24. On the next page you will be able to see the preview of the receipt. Again click on the ‘print application receipt. After doing this you will be able to print out your appointment confirmation. 

25. You will need to print out this receipt for entry at the passport service center. 

Now you can reach the passport service center as per the scheduled time. Take all the original documents with you for verification, if any. Your passport application formalities will complete only police verification gets over. Till then, you can check the status of your application by visiting the link mentioned in the website.