Cry on command: YouTube's music app offers a new emotional experience

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Cry on command: YouTube's music app offers a new emotional experience (Image:
Cry on command: YouTube's music app offers a new emotional experience (Image:

Delhi : To improve users' experiences, YouTube is updating its Music app with new mood filters. The new mood filter will enable users find and stream different sorts of music based on their mood. The Workout, Focus, Relax, Commute, Energize, and Podcasts categories were first added to YouTube in 2020. However, according to sources, YouTube will soon introduce more mood filters, including one dubbed "Cry," which will have its own "Sad Songs Supermix" to console and make users feel emotionally linked with music.

Along with "Cry," other new YouTube Music filters will create playlists based on the user's mood, such as Romance, Party, Feel Good, and Sleep. These playlists may be accessed in the app under "Mixed for You" and "From Your Library," along with the typical carousels like "Listen Again" and "Similar To."

This new capability seems to be being introduced through a server-side deployment. The four new filters are currently usable on the online version, with the exception of "CRY." However, it's anticipated that other filters will soon be added to the lineup, and this development ought to occur quickly across both online and mobile applications.

Notably, the most recent upgrade to YouTube Music was in 2021, when the company launched the "Energise" mood filter and made mood filters accessible through the online app. With the most recent upgrades, there are now eleven mood filters available, which might significantly improve the YouTube Music (YTM) user experience. However, it's important to keep in mind that the primary YouTube app also includes several filters and themes that frequently change the visual of feed of YouTube home.

YouTube also debuted a new tool called Samples last month. Users may find new music to listen to with the aid of this function, which provides a personalized stream of brief music video pieces. There is always something new to discover because to the extensive collection of music videos on YouTube Music, which powers Samples.

Users may easily add a song to their collection, share it with friends, start a new radio station, see the complete video, go to the album page, or even utilize the song to make their own Short using each sample. The Samples tab offers additional opportunities for artists to grow their following and create communities on YouTube.