Cybersecurity to expect in 2019

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New Delhi : When it is about tech world, the year 2018 was not so cool. From Facebook data breach to repetitive junk emails, Google security attack, the year went with super threats. The year 2019 might be a little worse than before. Here's what our experts expect from cyber security in 2019

We can expect more data leak and exposures and not just breaches. The most important security lock, like a password may be in danger.

Exposed databases and user data can be easily found, yet are entirely preventable by setting new password quite often.

California passed its consumer privacy law which will come into effect this year. The law will allow authorities to impose fines on companies that don’t comply or which violate the rules.

Certain technology industries will see more trouble than others, like the gaming industry.

Australia passed an anti-encryption law that compels companies operating in the country to turn over encrypted data on request from several government departments.

Many U.S. tech companies, including Apple and Cisco, called on the Australian parliament to ditch the proposals for fear that the law could be abused or harm its customers’ privacy.

Facebook’s privacy woes will spread to other Silicon Valley

Employees and not the companies will dictate how the technology will be used.