Do you know how China builds its grand tunnels? Watch amazing video

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China tunneling shield
China tunneling shield

Los angeles : Ever wondered how China is able to build fast running trains in tunnels, well the answer is no more discreet.

In a new video, China shows how its high speed rail dominance is built upon Tunneling expertise and dominance in tunnel boring machines.

Tunnels have become major requirement in metros and urban cities especially as land has become a precious commodity. An underground project frees up surface land for other development projects.

Metro stations nearby residential areas also place up the bid for the value of land.

For example, Xian, the capital of the Shaanxi province, will have up to six metro lines by 2020 and how they will be built- through tunneling shield the technique we are discovering about.

You will be surprised to know that at any given time, there are around 700 TBMs (Tunnel Boring Machines) running throughout China.

Interestingly, if the Chinese Government approves the proposed Bohai Strait tunnel, then China will hold the record for the longest undersea tunnel at 122km – 2.5 times longer than the Channel Tunnel.

What are Shield tunnel boring machines?

Well, they are a kind of specialized engineering machinery for tunneling and used for the construction of subway, railway, road and hydropower projects. A single shield machine uses pre-fitted segments to exert the blast force on the working face.