FUTOPIA launches the innovative 'Made in India' ultimus series, check details

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FUTOPIA launches the innovative 'Made in India' ultimus series, check details (Image: @FutopiaIndia/Twitter)
FUTOPIA launches the innovative 'Made in India' ultimus series, check details (Image: @FutopiaIndia/Twitter)

Delhi : Approximately 18% of all PCs sold in India now are produced locally in Indian market. Ultimus by FUTOPIA, the newest "Make in India" laptop brand to enter the market, has generated a lot of attention thanks to its technological brilliance and the specs it provides at the pricing range. The laptop series has a reasonable starting price of just 17,990.

The Ultimus, described as the "really ultimate laptop," is a powerful laptop with a long battery life of up to 8 hours. It is also strong, ergonomically constructed, thin, and light, making it a top choice for people searching for a versatile laptop. Additionally, it has a 5 Ghz dual-band WiFi, an RJ45 LAN port, and two stereo speakers with a dual microphone. Additionally, it takes pride in being one of the few laptops with a dedicated numeric keypad, which makes computing numbers much easier and quicker.

The all-new Ultimus, which is renowned for its adaptability and mobility, is outfitted with remarkable features that rethink the philosophy of stylish laptops. 

FHD display with ease

The laptop's display, available in 15.6 FHD and 14.1 FHD resolutions, delivers an immersive viewing experience that will transform the way you watch films, play games, or simply browse through your photo gallery. Two stereo speakers raise the video experience a notch. These produce audio with more clarity and immersion. A 2.0 Megapixel webcam is also included on the laptop for crystal-clear, lifelike video conferencing calls.

Blazingly fast SSD storage

You can switch between windows with ease because to its lightning-fast SSD storage. Switch between many tabs quickly and redefine what multitasking entails with SSD storage.

Outstanding battery

The Ultimus has a battery life of up to 8 hours, allowing you to use the laptop for your entire day's work on a single charge. Its strong battery has been built to last even with demanding applications and screen time after work.

Productive operating system

The newest version of Windows 11 Home, which has a very user-friendly design for both the web and mobile devices, is already pre-installed on the laptop. You have the choice of using DOS for specialized work.

Dedicated numeric keypad

The Ultimus is a unique laptop since it has a separate numeric keypad. This facilitates quick and easy number entry. The keyboard's ergonomic design guarantees accuracy and speed.

Persistent connections

The Ultimus has a 5GHz dual-band wi-fi and an RJ45 LAN port for a secure connection, allowing you to stay connected in a variety of ways while still allowing you to explore successfully.

Costs and warranties

This line of "Made in India" consumer laptops has a starting price of only Rs.17,990 and comes with a one-year on-site guarantee. Additionally, customers have access to support through Whatsapp support and their toll-free hotline.