GMail revamped after half a decade: Check out the five new features

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GMail revamped after half a decade: Check out the five new features
GMail revamped after half a decade: Check out the five new features

New Delhi : Google on Wednesday revamped its product GMail almost after half a decade. The design has been refreshed with added functionalities to ease up the user experience. The new updates include features like AI-based smart Reply, email snoozing, and nudging recipients to respond.

It has also increased safety for the users by adding confidential mode, a revamped risk warning and an option to unsubscribe the newsletters. Check out the five new features added to GMail below.

1: EMail Shortcuts: 

A little movement of the mouse over the email tab will enable options like Archive, Delete, Mark as Read, and Snooze, right next to the preview. Snooze is the latest addition. Shortcuts for apps such as Keep, Tasks, and Google Calendar will also be available on the right edge. These features are currently available on Inbox by Gmail.

2: Nudge for getting replies:

AI-enabled nudge option has also been introduced that will prompt users to follow up and respond to a message that has not been replied. For instance, for received emails, Gmail will use text like "Received X days ago. Reply?", and for sent emails, the mailing client will use text such as "Sent X days ago. Follow up?".

3: Smart Reply:

The feature was already available on the mobile devices, but it has now been rolled out for the web too. This feature provides the user with contextual responses to reply to emails received. For instance, Gmail will detect when questions have been sent to your inbox and will offer responses in variations of Yes, No, or Maybe. 

4: Spam alert or risk warning:

GMail on the web will now detect any kind of risk and will notify it to the user.The prompt will display warning text - "This message seems dangerous" and offer a 'Delete Now' button. This will offer some protection against clicking on harmful links in emails that capture the user in a phishing/ impersonation scam.

5: Confidential mode:

A new Confidential Mode, made possible due to Information Rights Management (IRM), has been added to Gmail. Available while composing an email, the mode provides senders with the option to prevent the recipient from forwarding, copying/ pasting, downloading, and printing the content in the email.